How Does A Water Dispenser Work?

The process behind how a water dispenser functions is only slightly different to how other vending machines operate. The major difference between a normal water dispenser and some vending machines is you will rarely have to pay for the use of office water coolers.

The Process Within A Water Dispenser.

Depending on what type of water dispenser unit you have, the process varies slightly.

  • Bottled water coolers – the water is delivered to your premises by the watercooler company. Usually they take away the empty water bottles and leave you with enough fresh bottles to fill your watercooler for a fixed period of time. There is a seal at the neck of the bottle which keeps its contents fresh and protected. When the bottle is placed on the water dispenser unit, a probe bursts the seal and allow the water out of the bottle and into the cooler. Then, depending on the model, it can be quickly chilled with electrical refrigeration elements. An amount of water is taken into a holding area, where it is cooled. Holding the water while it gets cooled is more energy efficient as the water cooling systems are not trying to quickly chill water as it passes by. These work in a similar way to the heating elements in a kettle, except they cool the liquid using chilled gas running through the elements. When the tap is released, or the button pressed, the water is then dispensed.
  • Plumbed in water cooler – the most obvious difference in this type of water dispenser is that a mains water cooler is connected to a water source, and so is not dependent on a delivery from a supplier for water to dispense. A plumbed water cooler works in the same way as a bottled system. An amount of water is held in a container and cooled so as to be ready when someone releases the chilled tap and wants cold water.
  • Hot and cold water dispensers – these can act as a chilled water dispenser as well as providing water for making tea, coffee or any other hot drinks. They can use a bottled source of water or can be mains fed.

With all of the system types mentioned above, there is also the option to dispense water that is at ambient room temperature. In some machines, both mains water coolers and bottled, this process can be augmented by a series of filters to purify the water before drinking. There are different filtration systems available depending on your budget and taste. Some, such as the Pi-water system, claim to introduce special health benefits to water from a water dispenser.

Are Office Water Coolers Easily Available?

They are very easily available. There are many dedicated water cooler companies that operate on a national and local level, and some of the brand name bottled water companies operate their own bottled water coolers for offices.

To get free quotes from a reputable and local water dispenser supplier, Companeo can help – simply enter your criteria on their website and they will match your requirements with suitable suppliers.

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